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Practicing Love as living presence

I remember clearly the first time I consciously realized the Divine as a living, real presence,

as something that I could sense within my body. I had been working with the writings of Dr.

Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, and his statement that the living presence of God

was the truth of our being, and we could embody it and do great things. I was standing in the

kitchen shaking out vitamins for the morning and said to myself "The living Divine presence of God

is within me." I got it. For just a moment I was filled with light and presence. There's just no

other word for it, a presence of a living, sentient Divine beingness.

The word Love is tossed around a lot right now, with the greatest of intentions we want to love,

to spread love, to be loved. I think we also do not know what it is. We know that we have a great

feeling of some kind when we engage with our parents, our partners, our children, our beloved

animals, the mother earth planet even, that we call...Love. But when someone instructs you to

"love all humanity", or even "love your neighbor", what does that mean to you? As a race, humans

obviously do not love in a Divine way. It is the belief in separateness that causes us to not love

each other truly, and has caused the catastrophic negative karmic actions on this planet.

My spiritual teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha, teaches that Love melts all blockages, transforms

our lives, purifies our hearts and souls. In order for this to happen I believe that we must find a

way to truly embody the transformative energy, power and presence that we call love. It is the

Divine essence itself, and that spark is the truth of our very beings.

I will share with you a practice

that I have been doing recently.

The four power techniques as instructed by Master Sha are always preferable, but I have learned

that you can do a practice anytime, anywhere and be effective.

Be as still in mind and body as possible, instruct your mind to sit in your lower abdomen (or zhong,

which is the back half of your lower abdomen), and envision a great ball of golden light rotating and

radiating there. You could even call Sha's Golden healing ball to come from heaven and bless

the practice.

the mantra is:

The living Divine presence of Love fills me. thank you.

Stop on the word presence, and feel it fill you truly.

As you progress you may feel a completely different presence fill you that lifts you, lights you,

changes the way you see. My eyes quite literally feel different, all seems very still yet very alive.

To me it feels like the clearest water filling me to all possible edges of being. I think it is a very

powerful, and beautiful way to healing and even enlightenment.

I think two or more practicing this together might bring astounding results!

I will probably add to this blog, as I feel this subject is vitally important at this time. Please email

me with any questions or comments! I would love to hear from you.

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