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Awakening the

Compassion within.

Can you think of anything the world needs more right now than compassion, love, and waking?

The great Bodhisattva Buddha Guan Yin knows the urgency of affairs on Mother Earth, and sees the great suffering of humanity, the animal world, the soul of our planet. We can help.

My name is Kristin Strachan, and I am a Guan Yin Lineage Holder and a student of Master Zhi Gang Sha, who made it possible for me to hold that position through his endless love, teaching, and generosity.


I invite you to join me in a 4 hour workshop Feb 20, 2021

to learn about Guan Yin, to continue the process of opening our hearts, feeling the presence of the Compassion Buddha, and deepening our practice and service.

The practices and teachings of this workshop are inspired by Master Zhi Gang Sha, who is a Doctor of western medicine, Master of Qi Gong, Gong Fu, Tao Calligraphy and Acupuncture. He is an enlightened being who has given his life to serve, to heal and to bless humanity. for more information about Master Sha and Guan Yin, go to
We will chant sacred mantras, including the Da Bei Zhou great Compassion Mantra
sit in stillness meditation connection to Guan Yin presence
Share experiences 
Learn about Guan Yin Ling Hui Sheng Shi's current day presence
I will offer blessings, both free and with an honor fee.
The workshop will take place via Zoom platform
This event is given on a Love Offering basis, recommended offering is $40 US, any offering is perfect and gratefully accepted.
Please email me for links and paypal info

please email me at:

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