Mother Tiger vs Spiritual Wisdom

Life has a funny way of giving a person opportunities to practice what we have learned on the spiritual journey. Often when you don’t expect it. My darling daughter has an interesting and problematic relationship with her former husband. They truly are in love with each other, and drive each other nuts a good part of the time. Their first marriage ended in a maelstrom of psychological and emotional abuse, and virtual paralysis for her. The two children were so young when all that was going on. There were harmful words and actions, and I thought we would never see him again. So much for assumptions. The pull between them is magnetic and powerful. A lot has improved over the years for this man

Retreat! But don't retreat. Thoughts on spiritual retreat

At this time I am immersed in a powerful spiritual retreat, given by my Spiritual Father and teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. I cannot share the teachings with you, but I can share some of my experiences, which are always vivid and mostly wonderful at retreat. I have attended many retreats of Master Sha, have lost count actually, and it has been entirely life changing and life saving from the very first one, an enlightenment retreat in San Francisco, California. Those first retreats were a pretty steep learning curve for me, even though I had been raised in a metaphysical and spiritual family and considered myself pretty darn cool and high on the spiritual ladder. Ha. All of that help

The gift of Grace...and the Heart Sutra

Many years ago, my father, mother, husband and daughter went on a road trip to see the Grand Canyon, in my parent's 3 year old Saturn. Somewhere in the middle of the hell's half acre of New Mexico, somewhere outside of Springer I think, the right front end of the car started making a truly awful, grinding, rending, car-soul killing noise that indicated a wheel bearing gone bad. Monster bad. We ended, towed, in Taos. This is a wonderful town, but it's not where we wanted to be. We all still had hopes that we could be in touch with the insurance company, Saturn dealership, invoke the gods of road trips, get the car fixed, rent a car. Ha ha. None of this worked out in any happy way. The part ha

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