Tale of the last cucumber

My darling and entertaining husband and I were sitting out on the patio, on a late September morning a couple of days ago, enjoying a cup of coffee and the coolness that has sprung up this last week. It's been a hot summer here in Colorado, a long season for those of us who don't enjoy sweating all that much, but great for gardens. We garden with a combination of in the ground plants and containers, and one cucumber plant did especially well there on the patio, in a big pot. It was fascinating to watch the little green curly tendrils waving about, seeking something to grab on to. A little creepy actually, but if a gardener keeps moving there isn't much danger. It wound all around the wire su

Where are you spending your spiritual capital?

Where are you spending your spiritual money? In Buddhist parlance, and other disciplines, your spiritual bank account consists of virtue. Virtue is accrued through good karma, kind acts, generosity, charitable giving...service to others. Virtue is gained through refraining from stealing, killing, cheating, cruelty, greed and selfishness. Think of your every thought and action as a coin. Each one has a frequency and vibration of its own, and either goes to your bank as virtue, or removes virtue from your bank. I could probably wrap up this article right here, because that is such a clear illustration, but it would be a pretty short read. Consider that EVERY thought and action does this. Every

Post-retreat purification

From November, 2018 Today I was looking at some paperwhites bulbs that I had planted a few weeks ago for some winter cheer, and thinking about coming home from the recent Tao 5-9 Spiritual retreat with Master Sha in Canada. A little lightbulb went on about how I might help others with the transitioning back into the outer world frequencies, which can be a jolt. Retreat with Master Sha is entering an extreme environment of energy, frequency and light, and company with marvelous beings of advanced spiritual abilities, seen and unseen. Just being in the room with Master Sha is the hugest blessing. It is being with old friends and making new, adjusting to very odd hours, food, roommates and p

Are you brave enough for Radical Compassion? Am I?

Today I went downtown to run some errands and go to an appointment. I had about 45 minutes before this interview, and thought I should have a bite of lunch. There is a nice McDonalds that I pulled in to, (yes, I know, sometimes nothing else will do…) in a mixed bag area of trendy shabby chic and a little rougher element. I thought I would have a quick sandwich, some fries, strictly off the menu most of the time, and a diet soda which I allow myself about once a decade. Then I would check my email and read an article about meditation that I had received earlier in the day. There was a comfortable bustle of children, the sweet lilt of Spanish language, and generally interesting people. And the

The Starveling Soul

I teach a meditation class once a week here in Denver, and attendance is down. Sometimes I have a great meditation all by myself in that lovely quiet space. I said to the director of the Sanctuary where I offer this service, "Is it me? Is what I teach too difficult? Should I word the teaching differently?" She said "No. It's not you. It's happening with all of us." My experience is that people receive an insight or an outright healing, and they are thrilled! Then they have a Golden Retriever moment, their brain shrieks "Squirrel!", they turn away and never come back. Even people who have experienced a real, honest-to-God life changing blessing. You can see it in their eyes, they sort of gray

"You are alive, you are whole, all is well." The words of the healer

I confess to an addiction, I have listened to and read the entire collection of Diana Gabaldon's epic Outlander series at least 10 times. That's a lot of Outlander. I can quote, chapter and verse, most of the dialog, and cry every single time when wee Henri Christian and the dog Rollo die. The hero of the piece, Jamie Fraser, is a stunning character, Gabaldon draws her characters so beautifully and thoroughly. His ability to fight bears, drink with the Indians and have his way with his wife a couple of times all in one night seems over the top, even for Jamie, but I'm willing to suspend belief now and then. He is a noble, kind and intelligent person, with an incisive wit, and can also be a H

The Orphan

I have a friend who is going through what is called a rough patch. Karma smackdown number one, after serious financial setbacks she and her family are losing their family home of multiple generations. They did everything humanly possible to save it, but the juggernaut of "the bank" would not be deterred. A week before they were expected to pack their duds and decamp...her father died. Her mother passed previously. Understandably this dear lady is reeling. I have heard that more than one or two "life events" in a year should cause one to pay attention to one's mental and emotional equilibrium. She's doing her best to stay positive, but it's one of those challenging times that come to most of

how karma wins the day...every time

Believing in karma or not believing in karma makes no difference. It just is what it is. The word karma is Sanskrit meaning “action.” All action creates another action, either positive or negative here on the yin/yang plane of existence. Karma in one form or another shows up in all sacred texts, because it’s the truth of life. My teacher and spiritual father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches, “The cause of all success and all failure in all aspects of life is karma.” You cannot take a step or have a thought or step a step without creating karma of some kind, good or bad. There is big karma and little karma. Master Sha also teaches, “Heaven is entirely fair.” How could it be otherwise? Whe

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