Taking your foot off the hose

My beloved spiritual father and teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha tells us, "the spiritual journey is not easy." I agree, but sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be. It's also better than the alternative, slogging through life after life with no awareness of why we are doing it. We are given teachings and tools to go along the path, we get excited and happy and apply them with great vigor and enthusiasm. Until of course, we hit a snag or nothing happens the way we want it to, or we even seem to regress. Karma jumps up with it's lessons and seeming darkness, ever ready to assist. We might become discouraged or angry, even turn away from the promised light of our true being. The th

The anger eating demon

One of my favorite books ever is called "Opening the door of your heart" by a Buddhist monk named Ajahn Brahm. He teaches through Buddhist stories which are heart-touching and often very funny. One of my favorites was one called "the anger eating demon", a pretty common allegory tale in Buddhist tales, but I love the way he tells it. I will l share that here in a bit. My teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, is emphasizing greatly right now the importance of removing anger from ourselves. He teaches that anger, and all it's sometimes sneaky manifestations, are one of the main stumbling blocks on the spiritual journey. He uses a quote often, "Anger burns virtue like a fire." Master Sha uses t

The subconscious mind is a pirate ship

The subconscious mind is a pirate ship. It creates storms and havoc on the serene and waveless pristine surface of your true Divine consciousness. The subconscious mind is a separate entity, made up of elements of the great collective human consciousness, race mind consciousness, the consciousness of every incarnation you ever had or any being ever had. It is vast, fathomless, endless. There is no bottom to it. It's pirates like things the way they are, and will resist every effort you make to change your life experience at the outer level. Have you noticed that no matter what you try, meditation, mantras, affirmations, interventions and on and on, some situations stay firmly in place? I sur

Don't forget Aladdin...the mind as lamp

We all know the tale of Aladdin, who found the magic lamp that poured forth a powerful genie when rubbed, that would grant his wishes. The egoic human mind is like that lamp. It may lie dormant for a time, but when it is rubbed, (encouraged or threatened) it pours out in a great flood. Sometimes mind manifests with incredible creativity and intelligence. Just as often it crackles with toxic judgments, comparisons, desires and negativities. The mortal conscious mind has been referred to as the monkey mind, leaping from tree to tree and in constant motion. Recently I heard one gentleman refer to the mind as "A monkey, a drunken monkey, a drunken monkey stung by scorpions." Though that is funny

Dog bites woman! Forgiveness follows

Greetings! I am reposting some of my early blogs in an effort to improve my writing skills, and to have a look at how my life has transformed in so many ways since I started this blog. This writing stands as an example of how forgiveness changes lives. It really really does. I recently had a conflict with a colleague that was pretty significant. Due to Master Sha's teachings and practices I have been able to transform some negative mental and emotional habits, and I was able to bring these new reactions to the situation. Not instantly mind you, it did take me a bit of time to regain my equilibrium, breathe, and think how best to go forward. There were a few moments of old mindsets of de

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