See the Bones of Light

Recently I read a post on Facebook that showed a picture of a series of skeletons that all looked exactly alike, with captions under each identifying them as "white, black, brown, yellow, gay, straight, liberal, conservative, old young" etc. This idea made an impression on me. I am always striving for ways to illustrate the oneness of us all, and seeing all humans as having bones, which we all do, as one way to bypass the outer dream state stuff that seems to define us. We are hardwired to instantly assess and judge everything and everyone we see, and put words to it. It is an atavistic "skill" that has enabled us to be aware of danger, to pick an appropriate mate, to align with one's trib

S.A.N.O. (still,aware,now,open)

I recently listened to a beautiful book called "Cutting through spiritual materialism" by Chogyam Trungpa. It is very Buddhist in approach, which I am not one of, but the truths and teachings apply to all life experience. One thing that he mentions is finding the gap between thoughts, that it is overlapping thoughts that keep us out of the present moment where all of true life really is. Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Ernest Holmes and many more profound and brilliant teachers have discussed this concept. I get it, I have felt the magic and power of the now moment. It is astounding. Then the mortal mind wiggles it's way in there, the ego objects because it has no power there, and boom


Yesterday I was chanting the beloved name of the Buddha of Infinite Light, Infinite Life, AmiTuoFo, whom I love and speak with every day. As I was ending I asked, "Beloved, do you have a word or vision or guidance for me today?" It came immediately..."Splendid. Look it up." Ok! thank you Splendid. Adjective. magnificent, sumptuous, grand, impressive, imposing, superb, spectacular, resplendent, opulent, luxurious, palatial, deluxe, rich, fine, costly, expensive, lavish, ornate, gorgeous, glorious, dazzling, elegant, handsome, beautiful; More stately, majestic, kingly, princely, regal, noble, proud; plushy, posh, swanky, ritzy, splendiferous; distinguished, glorious, glittering, illustrio

If you want me to drive...relinquish the wheel

My dear teacher and spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha, teaches that we have two souls. One is called the Yuan Shen, our immortal Divine self soul, and the Shi Shen, which is our soul that incarnates over and over. I try my best to be still and listen for the voice of my Yuan Shen, which is one with all that is and has a pretty good handle on what is best for me. Like most people, my thinking mind jumps right in there very helpfully, and says what it thinks the Yuan Shen is trying to communicate before it has a chance to. This communication can't be rushed, but the human mind doesn't like the quiet very much, and rushes in to fill the gap. It is this gap, this silence between thoughts,

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