Got those ol' moving back into your world blues?

Today I was looking at some paperwhites bulbs that I had planted a few weeks ago for some winter cheer, and thinking about coming home from the recent Tao 5-9 Spiritual retreat with Master Sha in Canada. A little lightbulb went on about how I might help others with the transitioning back into the outer world frequencies, which can be a jolt. Retreat with Master Sha is entering an extreme environment of energy, frequency and light, and company with marvelous beings of advanced spiritual abilities, seen and unseen. Just being in the room with Master Sha is the hugest blessing. It is being with old friends and making new, adjusting to very odd hours, food, roommates and physical challenges a

What if I loved you?

My spiritual teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, teaches that Love melts all blockages, transforms all life, and purifies our hearts and souls. That is a big statement, and it's a call to perceive love in a higher way. It's not an "up there" or "out there" concept, it's a real way that we can walk in our lives as love. "Love melts all blockages, transforms all life, and purifies our hearts and souls." Master Sha You know, the way things are going on our dear planet, is really is time to transcend religious blinders and limiting beliefs and go straight to the one thing that is the core teaching of any valid spiritual discipline or religion, Love. Not love as an emotion, but as an energetic

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